Our Story

Breathing is human instinct and humans need to act  17,000+ times every day, the air quality affects our health and quality of life every second.
About 10 years ago, the Chinese online ride-hailing industry experienced explosive growth. Despite continuous regulations, the situation of vehicles was still mixed. Our founder Jun Li was in the entrepreneurial stage, and he often took online ride-hailing services to travel between customers and suppliers. After using it many times, he found that no matter the new or old car, there were various odor problems, and some odors even caused headaches and nausea. He began to think, what product can remove these odors? After half a year of market research and technological learning, he determined the direction of cold-temperature plasma technology and began to form a technical team to create the vehicle-mounted air treatment product with cold-temperature plasma technology as the core.
Vdette was established in 2017, to specialize in cold-temperature plasma air sterilizers. In 2019, we released the first-generation vehicle-mounted air sterilizer with stable operation and efficient functions at an international exhibition. The product is known for its efficient bacteria-killing and deodorizing effects. , with its exquisite appearance, compactness, and portability, it is favored by international customers from Japan, the Philippines, and Russia.
Through the past journey, we have developed a full range of products to solve indoor air problems based on market demands and take plasma technology as the core. We will always stick to our true intentions, take improving indoor air quality as our starting point, make high-quality and conscientious products, and protect human beings' healthy breathing.