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Wearable Plasma Air Sterilizer for school and traveling, Kids’ New Year gift (Girly Pink)

Plasma Air Purifier
Viruses kill rate: 99.9%
Product dimensions:96*56*33mm
Product weight:74 gs
Battery Capacity:850mAh
Charging Time:2 hours
Working Time:24 hours
Noise (dBA):<20 dB
Application Places: 1 square meter
Button: one for ON/OFF
Indicators: One indicator (White and Green)
Packing list: Item*1, User manual*1, Type-c charing cable*1, Neck Rope*1
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Customer Reviews
Necklace-type cold plasma personal air sterilizer. Innovative and elegant design, you’ll need it for:
1. Crowded Spaces that are Hard to Maintain Physical Distancing
2. Inside the Car/Classroom (Enclosed Space that has an Unpleasant Odor and High Risk of Virus Transmission)
3. At Workplace (Unavoidable Interactions and gatherings with Colleagues)
4. Social Gatherings and Events (Friends & Family Gatherings)
5. Public Spaces (Viruses Easily Spread by Respiratory Droplets & Contact Routes)
6. With a 99.9% certified success rate for eliminating harmful pathogens, bacteria, viruses and odors.

The Mini Wearable Air Sterilizer:
Uses Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Cold Plasma Ion Technology
Is safe for humans, pets, and plants
Has a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 24 hours of battery
Can cover up to 1sqm personal breathing space
Is maintenance-free, no filter replacements are needed

Product Advantage:
Reduces the H1N1 Influenza Virus
Reduces the harm of second-hand cigarette smoking
Removes harmful odors such as formaldehyde and benzene
Relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis caused by pollens and dust
Remove molds

Product Specifications:
Low-Temperature Plasma Quantity – > 5Million / cubic cm
Sterilization Method – Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Low-Temperature Plasma
Recommended Space – 1 sqm
Rechargeable Battery – 850 mAh
Working Noise – < 20 dB
Power – DC 5V
Power Consumption – 0.2W
Dimensions – 95*55*30mm
Accessories – Type C Charging Cable, Adjustable Necklace
Certifications – CE, FCC, RoHS
6 months limited warranty