Vdette Plasma Air Sterilizer: Portable AS03

The small portable air sterilizer can kill air and surface viruses for 100 sqft

AS03 is Vdette's first air cleaner. Because the cold plasma technology is efficient in killing viruses and bacteria, they named it 'air sterilizer' instead of the traditional 'air purifier'. Of course, as an air purifier, generally, it needs a filter, AS03 without filter or any other consumables.

As a maker, Vdette didn't know how to give it an attractive name, only gave the factory model number AS03, and defined it as a portable plasma air sterilizer according to its small size and technology.

AS03 was designed for cars to remove various odors, such as smoke, sweat, food, and caused by car automotive parts. As research continues, Vdette tested AS03 with many harmful microbes at the third-party labs, then you can see these test reports of H1N1 flu, Staphylococcus albus, Aspergillus niger, Feline coronavirus, Mite allergen, Pollen allergen, Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Cigarette smoke.

It's not easy to tell how the air sterilizer works for indoor air space because most of the device's functions are invisible. Vdette convinced some buyers with professional research, authoritative test reports, test videos, or use experiences, but some did not.

Through the COVID-19 period, more people know that sterilization is as vital as purification. Vdette had the chance to promote plasma air sterilizers, but advanced technology always drowns in common. Vdette also found that many big brands used technology similar to plasma(release negative and positive ions), but named their patented ion generators with high-end prefixes, for example, Biol, Core, and Nano. This is a necessary and effective promotion method.

AS03 works well and conveniently under many usage scenarios because of its small body, built-in battery, and plasma ions. The users can put it anywhere for 10sqm sterilization, disinfection, and deodorization. It starts working in five minutes and can work for 13 hours once fully charged. It's also a travel helper to make you safer in new places.

We rarely check into an awful hotel with visible dust, if this happens, you would have a cogent reason to cancel this order. However, it's necessary to prepare a device for invisible bacteria to avoid attending the annoying procedure of safeguarding rights after getting any anaphylaxis.