Air sterilizer

Keeps the air fresher

Free to breathe

Recommendation Information

Vehicular Plasma Air Sterilizer

Suitable For Space Within 10m

Wearable Mini Plasma Air Sterilizer

Wearable Mini Plasma Air sterilizer

Air Sterilizer For Domestic And Commercial Use

Space Within 100m

About us

Specialized low-temperature plasma technology R&D innovative company

Product qualification

Products have technical patents and a number of efficacy test reports.

Product Advantages

More than 99.9% germ clearance, energy-saving technology

R&D Intention

A few years ago, the number of online ride-hailing in China grew rapidly, bringing many convenience to people. Jackson, the founder of our product, often travels on the Internet, making it easy to work and rest on the road.
But because of the low threshold of online car ride, passengers are different, often encounter a variety of odors on the car. The smell of leather in a new car, the smell of machinery in an old car, the personal hygiene effects of an owner, the odor left behind by passengers, and so on. Jackson wanted to develop a product that would eliminate the odor inside the car, and it should be small enough to take it with you.

With this in mind, Jackson began researching products on the market, reading extensive literature, studying technical principles, and testing their efficacy. With a commitment to environmental protection, Jackson chose cryogenic plasma technology and began two years of research and development testing, which led to our on-board air sterilizer.


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